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WBI’s ‘Are We Here Yet?’ Podcast


The Wachusett Business Incubator is pleased to announce the launch of our long awaited podcast.  The ‘Are We Here Yet?’ Podcast seeks to bring vibrant storytelling from the entrepreneurs, creative-class warriors and dynamic citizens that collectively tell the story of modern-day America.

Add to that special tidbits like our EssaysMillennial Music Challenge, our Town Hall Mastermind Sessions and more.  We hope you find enlightenment and entertainment in each episode we present.

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About our Host:

Scott M. Graves is the former executive director of the Wachusett Business Incubator. He is known for a steadfast resolve for intellectual rigor and business strategy.  Nothing makes Scott feel more fulfilled then to help other develop their own unique creativity which leads to fulfillment in work and life.   An entrepreneur in his own right, Scott previously operated the former Smash Music.  He is currently playing lead in developing a multi-disciplinary arts curriculum known as New England Playhouse while spearheading the various initiatives that make up the Wachusett Business Incubator.

Cameron McLeod is the Producer of the “Are We Here Yet?” Podcast. Since his high school days he has been behind the scenes of multiple productions ranging from directing live football games to filming short movies. Using his musical prowess and his technical skills gained from working as an IT professional, Cameron taught himself what it takes to mix and produce music of his own creation. To this day, he strives to better these skills whenever he can.

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Creativity —— Fulfillment——Bliss

You were born with wings. Why Prefer to crawl through life? -Rumi

Early Morning, 31 March, 2020


During a recent session with one of our Leadership Candidates we talked about what it means to find deep fulfillment through life’s work.  We’re all striving for meaning in an environment temporarily out of our human control.  Proving Mother Nature is inf fact, always in control.  

We spend a large amount of our time engaged in our work.  The Farmer to his plough, the computer technician to her servers, the artist to his canvas.  In our world of false idols how do we ensure that the time spent engaged in our work is truly our life’s work? 

Surely for some entrepreneurship presents the meaningful life that we all seek, does it not?  Then why do so many entrepreneurs face the same emotional or social issues that employees experience? Perhaps there are more fundamental mysteries in play that determine if you find true fulfillment. 

The Whole Business of Man is the Arts, & All Things Common

— William Blake

First To Consider

I believe one of the first key considerations that entrepreneurs, really all people need to embrace is the idea that you are CRAFTING your work, your life hand-in-hand throughout your journey on this sphere we call Earth. 

In this scenario, we are ALL artists crafting ourselves; bringing a level of creativity and soulfulness, a modicum of quality to everything we do.  Whether we’re talking about a fine or an applied art. 

At the WBI we have two important factors that we measure all of our decision-making and experience-making against.  Does what we’re about to embark on exemplify stewardship (of our community and of ourselves) and craftsmanship?  

The Artist Work

The first work of the artist is herself.  By living, by leading with purpose, mindfulness and a desire for craftsmanship the artist finds meaning in an authentic kind of creativity.  The kind that comes from deep within us.  Can’t get any more real than that!

When your life’s journey begins from this starting point every decision you make and every action you take may radiate joy and soul.  In short, your path and that of the people you lead will be the right one, even with a few bumps along the road. 

Creativity —— Fulfillment——Bliss

** I highly recommend the book ‘Zen and the Art of Making a Living’ by Laurence G. Boldt.  

Scott M. Graves is Executive Director of the Wachusett Business Incubator and founder of The New England Playhouse and Arts Innovation Center, an independent music education  company in Massachusetts.  Find out how you can benefit from the WBI’s Leadership Candidates Program.

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