Business Triage Program

The recent global health crisis has intensified economic and social problems present in our region prior to the pandemic.  In direct response to the challenges faced by our fellow business owners the WBI has launched the Business Triage Program.  

  • Weekly Mastermind Sessions to get a glimpse of services, meet with peers and get advise from experts and peer business owners from throughout the country. 
  • Extensive Intake Session to determine your current position and the challenges needing attention.  From this session your custom triage plan is developed.  
  • Bi-weekly one on one mentorship with WBI senior mentor assigned to your project.  Meaningful and incremental steps taken allow you to work in the  short-term, unstable  environment.
  • Resources, Recommendations, vendors assistance and more as applicable to your project needs.  

The Business Triage Program is open to all willing clients throughout the North Central region.  Our program locations consist of the following.

  • 35 Sanborn St. Gardner, MA 
  • 131 W Main St. Suite 342 Orange, MA 01364
  • 166 Boulder Dr. Suite 104, Fitchburg, MA 01420

Contact us immediately to be considered for the WBI Business Triage Program. 

Leadership Candidacy Program

The Wachusett Business Incubator is unique among all incubator and accelerator programs.

Our Leadership Candidacy Program focuses energy on developing intellectual property for the marketplace. We do this by managing the business plan in-house. Each plan is designed to readily take advantage of existing businesses, investors and other regional resources to ensure our plans under development co-exist meaningfully in the regional business community. We focus on various solutions for the marketplace that result in a maximum opportunity to produce employment at the professional class status. We curate intellectual property in a way that maximizes financial benefit to the incubator, the inventor and all other stakeholders to the project. 

We are ‘Percolators.’

In this way, we are turning the  meaningless idea of pitch contest on its head. We seek leadership candidates and we train and develop the future employees bringing to bear strategic relationships, namely with our regional academic institutions ( Mount Wachusett Community College, Fitchburg State University) and workforce organizations (MassHire, North Central Workforce Board).

This core programming is our response to real-time experience we’re encountering in our regional business community. 

We believe our approach is sound and is replicable in a number of regional scenarios. We are committed to the singular purpose of discovering what comes next for Gardner and its neighbors. Our clients, funders, academic peers and citizens deserve no less. 

For Inventors

  • The Wachusett Business Incubator approach ensures a focus on getting your IP to market.
  • Wachusett Business Incubator does not ask for a controlling interest in your business. Our proposals are fair to all parties allowing you the opportunity to retain control of your business.
  • Focus on what you do best. Generate ideas while the Wachusett Business Incubator brings your ideas to market. 

For Investors

  • Wachusett Business Incubator retains IP in order to mitigate risk to you and to all stakeholders.
  • The Wachusett Business Incubator curates intellectual property for maximum benefit to all stakeholders.
  • Wachusett Business Incubator empowers leadership candidates and future employees creating the right team. 

Want to learn more? Contact us today regarding the benefits of working with the Wachusett Business Incubator.

Membership Program

Members of Wachusett Business Incubator have access to a number of services based on membership level.

Some of the benefits of membership with tenancy include:

  • Having a bonafide business address where member can meet with clients or customers, suppliers, and colleagues
  • Access to the on-site executive director
  • Access to shared equipment and high speed internet
  • Ability to schedule the use of presentation space for workshops, seminars and other presentations for groups of up to 30 people
  • Networking opportunities

Review our membership levels below.

Full-Time Tenant


A full-time tenant membership has unlimited use of a dedicated, furnished office space within the incubator. Additionally, This tenant has access to the shared conference room and presentation spaces (by appointment), kitchen/coffee area, and all of the equipment including high speed internet, printer/copier/fax machine. Additionally, full-time tenants can request time to meet with the executive director for business planning consultation. 

Shared Tenancy


Shared tenancy entitles the member to a shared, furnished office space, for up to 20 hours per week. The schedule for use of that office space is pre-arranged. While in the office, the tenant has access to the shared conference and presentation spaces (by appointment), kitchen/coffee area, and all of the equipment including high speed internet, printer/copier/fax machine. Additionally, He or she can request time to meet with the executive director for business planning consultation. 

Affiliate Member


An affiliate member is entitled to a 2-hour business planning consultation with the executive director and may request consultation with other professionals at a member rate. Additionally, an affiliate can schedule use of the conference room or presentation space, including kitchen/coffee area at a discounted rate. 

Day Trippers


Day Trippers may utilize all public areas, host small meetings at one of the existing tables.

Please Note: All other inquiries for space or for additional programming may be made here: Contact us.