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Wachusett Business Incubator Begins Phased Opening

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The Wachusett Business Incubator will be phasing in use of it’s 35 Sanborn St. Gardner facility beginning week of July 20.  Our main office area, with 8 individual desk environments, the entirety of our presentation area complete with A/V equipment, our kitchenette, meeting spaces and our training room will be made available to the public beginning July 20, 2020.  Contact us today to book with us!

We are taking every precaution to properly adhere to social distancing requirements.  All protocols are posted throughout the facility for clients reference and a multiplicity of licensing supplies are available throughout the facility for client usage.

We will be phasing in classes including sewing projects with Erin Kiewel.  The first project day will be hosted on July 25, 2020 in our presentation area..  This class will be restricted to 6 participants.  The second class will take place on August 15, 2020.  Stay abreast our on-going class and event schedule here.

Moving forward, we are working to design and promote custom concierge service packages for large corporations who will, moving forward allow their employees to work from home.  ‘The hub and spoke model for co-working services, we believe, will be a significant factor fro economic development in our region,’ said executive director Scott M. Graves.  ‘We are in a unique position to provide meeting, desk and presentation space which, coupled with child care, food service, equipment rental, car repair and other high-end services will be attractive to corporate clients with large employee populations close by. Contact us today to book with us!

Every workday the North Central Massachusetts region looses ~79,000 professionals who commute, largely to the east, for jobs outside the territory.  This translates to a net loss during workdays of ~39,700 professional class people not eating in our restaurants, not making purchases in our local retailers, not meeting in our coffee shops, not joining our Rotary clubs and other service organizations because they leave during the work day.