Business Certificates and More by City or Town

One of the first steps to starting a business is the requirement to apply for a business certificate at your city or town hall. See the contact information below for obtaining a business certificate or license in your city or town. 

You may need to contact other departments in your city or town hall as well. Please click on the information for your location.

Ashburnham Business Guide Businesses Certificate
Ashburnham Permitting GuideAshburnham Permitting Guide
Ayer Economic DevelopmentAyer Economic Development Office
Ayer Business Certificate FormAyer Business Certificate Form
Ayer Business License FAQ’sAyer Business License FAQs
Ashby Business Assistance ResourcesAshby Business Assistance Resources
Ashby Business CertificateAshby Business Certificate
Athol Developers ToolkitAthol Developers Toolkit
BarreReference to the MA Office of Business Development
Start a Business in Clinton
Starting a Business in Fitchburg
Starting a Business in Gardner
Groton Business CertificateBusiness Certificates - Town of Groton
Groton Business Association
HardwickBuilding Zoning Permit application
HardwickZoning Bylaws
Harvard Business Certificate
Hubbardston Business Certificate
Hubbardston One Owner Business Certificate
Lancaster Business Certificate
Start a Business in Leominster
Leominster: Information on Business License
Lunenburg: Filing a Business Certificate
Lunenburg Business Certificate application
Lunenburg Business Association
Oakham Business Certificate
Orange Business Certificate
Pepperell Business Certificate
Petersham Business License
Phillipston: Guidelines for New Business
Phillipston Business Certificate
Princeton Business Certificate
Royalston-List of fees for licenses
Royalston-Application for permit to operate a food establishment
Rutland Fee Schedule for Business Certificate
Shirley Business Certificate
Townsend Business Certificate
Townsend Business Association
Templeton Development Services Office
Templeton Business Permits Page
Doing Business In Westminster
Westminster Business Certificates
Winchendon Business Certificate
Find a Business Location in Winchendon