Wachusett Business Incubator to Host Economic Development Candidates Forum


March 6, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Wachusett Business Incubator wish to show their support for our organizations Economic Development Candidates Forum.  This presentation and debate will take place on April 2, 2020 at 205 School St. Gardner, MA and will begin at 5:30PM. 

Candidates will be given the questions ahead of time, combining questions generated from our board and from the citizenry.  Candidates will be given opportunity to react to initial responses in a moderated environment.  We believe it is important to allow our candidates full opportunity to express their ideas related to economic development so the general voting public understand their future plans and goals.

The decision to host such a forum was made through consensus and the preparation for this forum has been completed by WBI staff with assistance from the WBI events sub-committee, made up of members of the board of directors.  

It is vital that the conversation during this special election cycle focus on issues related to economic development in our city. To successfully build our commercial tax base over time will allow this community to properly fund its essential programs.  Among these programs are education, infrastructure and social services.  A dynamic business community will create additional opportunity for well paying and meaningful employment while providing leadership opportunities for our professional sector.  

Imagine a scenario where many of our gainfully employed stayed in town during their work day, contributing in myriad ways to our daily workday life.  A positive alternative to driving the hour plus east for employment elsewhere.  

We firmly believe our organization can play a key role in this conversation. We believe we can accomplish this in a fair and measured manner.  We invite you, our neighbors to engage with the Wachusett Business Incubator, discover our services or contribute a question for our candidates to be presented on April 2.  

Heres to What Comes Next in our Great City!

Glenn Eaton, Chairman                     Ryan McGuane, Vice Chairman                           M. Paul Carlberg, Treasurer

Sandie Cataldo, Secretary                Carol Jacobson, Director                                       David Christianson, Director

Prof. Mike Greenwood, Director      Jim Vander Hooven, Director                                Kevin Tomasetti, Director