Wilkerson Pierre: In His Own Words

Wilkerson Pierre, a senior Business Major at Fitchburg State University is also in the inaugural class of senior interns being mentored at the Wachusett Business Incubator.  Here Wilkerson explains how he uses failure to achieve success.  


There aren’t too many fears that we as a human community share in common.  I plan on discussing one of those fears.  I am talking about is failure.

What is failure?

Failure is not meeting an intended objective; a lack of success. We’ve been taught at a young age to avoid failure at all costs. Avoid consequences of failing a class, failing your road test and the biggest one of them all, failing in life.  For me failure isn’t a bad thing, For me it’s how I learn. This started out playing sports in high school.  It was always difficult for me to do what the coaches asked during the games because I was new to the sport. This was particularly true for me in football.  I played cornerback and struggled to defend the receivers. Each time I failed I learned something. I would learn that this was not the best way to do it and that I would need to make changes in my technique. My failure motivated me to watch others who have perfected their craft.  I would take parts of their game and try to incorporate it into mine.

If you aren’t pushing yourself to or through failure how will you be able to learn and grow?  Not all entrepreneurs will be successful on their first attempt at starting a business. If the business isn’t a success do you plan on giving up? No, you will take what you learned, go back to the drawing board and try to become successful with your next venture.