Recommended AI Tools

Wachusett Incubator recommends the following list of AI tools for business and personal productivity and so much more. 


Content Generators

  • A content writer
  • Jasper: The best content tool for most businesses
  • Notion AI: The power of ChatGPT without leaving Notion
  • Byword: Purpose-built for SEO at scale

Content Repurposing

  • Vidyo: Long-form video to short-form video in one go
  • Wondercraft: Turn good writing into a good podcast


  • Numerous AI: The Excel/Sheets plug-in that’s easiest to use
  • Equals: Cool Ai features, built for start-ups

Meeting Recording

  • Fireflies AI: For teams that have to stick with Meet/Zoom
  • Metaview: Purpose-built for recruiting interviews

Personal Productivity

  • Rewind AI: An AI that remembers everything for you
  • Mem.AI: Your ‘second-brain’ app. But you need to commit
  • Poised: Your personal communications coach