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WBI Hosts Town Hall Mastermind Sessions

The WBI is concerned for our business community. In the very real crisis that is unfolding all around us, the instability and the effects to humanity and to people’s livelihoods is significant.

As part of our Covid response known as WBI’s Business Triage Program, we’re implementing Town Hall Mastermind Sessions.  The first open to the public will take place July 15, 2020 at 12:00PM.  Registration is required. The cost is $10.00 to participate.

Hosted by Senior mentor Dave Lubelczyk of ImageIdentity, LTD, these sessions are open to the public and often attended by small business owners from various parts of the country.  This is a regular opportunity for business owners to voice their concerns and desires, share solutions to the issues that are effecting their business and receive valuable information from WBI senior staff.

We will also host a variety of regional and national experts.  You’ll have the opportunity to weigh in on who you’d like to see us feature and what subject matter can be discussed in future sessions.

Click Here for a current schedule.

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